26_September [Archives:2007/1050/Press Review]

May 14 2007

Thursday, May 10
Main Headlines

-Yemen, Qatar care for developing brotherly ties, stance coordination

-President Saleh: Democracy is a national option

-Yemen, Cuba mark the 35th Anniversary of strong ties

-736 new projects in Ibb at a total cost of YR 74.6 billion

-Yemen participates in the meetings of the Organization of the Islamic Conference

-Singaporean Foreign Minister to arrive in Sana'a next week

-Parliament Speaker to Sa'ada sheikhs: You are responsible for clearing the governorate of terrorist elements

Parliament Speaker and Chairman of the Yemeni Islah Party Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar sent a letter to prominent Sa'ada sheikhs in the tribes of Sahar, Jama'a and Khawlan Bin Amer, demanding them be responsible for clearing the restive province of rebels and terror elements, the weekly reported. He urged these sheikhs to confront those who violate the law and order, praising the historic role Sa'ada sheikhs and their sons played in the past.

“We are concerned about what is happening in your governorate. Known for your glorious history, we expect you to play an integral role in clearing your areas of the extremists,” Parliament Speaker said in his letter.