26_September [Archives:2007/1064/Press Review]

July 2 2007

Thursday, June 28
Main Headlines

– Republican Decree names members of Anti-corruption Authority, concerned parliamentary committee to complete procedures

– Yemeni President and his Egyptian counterpart discuss brotherly ties, developments in the region

– Yemen and Egypt coordinates efforts to convince conflicting Palestinian factions adopt peaceful dialogues, settle disputes

– GCC member states' foreign ministers discuss moves for qualifying Yemen's ailing economy

– Prime Minister: We work hard on suggesting possible and strategic solutions to water shortage

– France to fund numerous projects, support Yemen in the field of nuclear technology for generating electricity

The Yemeni army's organ reported in a front page article that France promised to fund several projects in Yemen and provide support for the impoverished country in the area of nuclear technology for generating electricity. This came during President Ali Abdullah Saleh's visit to the European country, which the newspaper described as fruitful. Saleh and his counterpart Nicolas Sarkuzi discussed a variety of issues of mutual interest to both countries.

The newspaper said that informed sources expected Saleh's 4-day visit to the European country to achieve positive and tangible results that may help consolidate cooperation between Yemen and France in the months to come. During his visit, Saleh held a summit with the French Leader Sarkuzi and met with senior French government officials.