26_September [Archives:2007/1072/Press Review]

July 30 2007

Thursday, July 26
Main Headlines

– Politicians lash out at protesters in southern governorates for irresponsible behavior

– Government to protesters: Clock hands never move backward, nation is bigger than the dream of malicious elements

– Army pensioners receive their salaries with the approved increases from post offices nationwide

– Legal Affairs Minister: Ministry to draft a law for protecting national unity, and social peace

– Vice President scrutinizes progress in several Aden projects

– $ 120 allocated for completing sanitation networks in the capital

– Central Organization for Control & Audit and Anti-corruption Authority set join work mechanism

Chairman of the Central Organization for Control and Audit (COCA) Abdullah Al-Sinfi confirmed that his organization is due to work jointly with the newly established Anti-corruption Authority in order to exterminate corruption from government offices, the Yemeni army's organ reported in a front page article. The weekly quoted Al-Sinfi as saying that leaderships of both organizations will set together to set an effective action plan and work mechanisms for joint coordination.

Al-Sinfi pointed out that the new law drafted by COCA will focus on activating the role of both organizations in fighting corruption and protecting public money from embezzlements. The new law, he added, is in line with the law of establishing the Anti-corruption Authority.