26_September [Archives:2007/1082/Press Review]

September 3 2007

Thursday, August 30
Main Headlines

– President Saleh to conduct visits to other Muslim and non-Muslim countries to enhance cooperation

– Republican Decree appoints new governors and deputies in several provinces

– Yemen's School Football Team defeats Iraqi counterpart in final , clinches championship title

– Prime Minister: Government serious to implement arms bearing ban

– Yemen to import wheat from U.S. to meet growing demand in local markets

– Yemen stands second after U.S. in armed people scores, survey reveals

Yemen stood second after the United States in the number of guns per 100 people, the newspaper quoted a report of Small Arms Survey 2007 published last Tuesday by the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva as saying. The report said that every 100 people in US have 90 guns to be the most heavily armed society in the world. In Yemen, every 100 people possess 61 guns, it said.

According to the report, US and Yemen were followed by Finland with 56, Switzerland with 46, Iraq with 39 and Serbia with 38, it said. U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms (and) about 4.5 million of the 8 million new guns manufactured worldwide each year are purchased in the United States.