26_September [Archives:2007/1086/Press Review]

September 17 2007

Thursday, September 13
Main Headlines

– Yemen and Saudi Arabia sign funding and cooperation agreements in areas of justice, fisheries, agriculture and education

– Quake Surveillance Center underestimates risk of Sumatra Tsunami to Yemen's coastline

– U.S. Envoy in Sana'a: Yemen has taken great steps in democracy and reforms

– Development Challenge Account pledges $21 million to support Yemen's reforms

– U.S. government funds a comprehensive study on Yemen's rural electricity projects

– President Saleh briefs people on the advent of Ramadan

“The Holy Month of Ramadan is a golden chance for religions and cultures to meet and for human beings to practice more tolerance and help each other.

It is a good opportunity to purify our souls and hearts in this Holy month, which is full of good lessons and spiritual benefits for all people and nations,” the weekly quoted President Ali Abdullah Saleh as saying in his address to nation on the advent Ramadan.

According to the newspaper, President Saleh urged Yemeni people to serve the country, fight bad habits, negative phenomena and social and political diseases that seek to harm the Yemeni society and national unity. He called all to be optimistic and aspire for better future “We have to do all what enable us to keep the unification and enhance the social harmony and welfare in our country