26_September [Archives:2007/1090/Press Review]

October 1 2007

Thursday, September 27
Main Headlines

– Anti-arm bearing campaign continues, has achieved positive results, says security official

– Modern U.S. Study discloses funds to moderates in Yemeni Islah Party

– President of the Republic to meet civil community organizations on Saturday

– Advisor to Sudanese President praises Saleh's efforts in supporting situations in Sudan

– An Indonesian envoy to arrives in Sana'a by the advent of October with a letter to President Saleh

– Yemen to participate in Arab Parliament's meeting scheduled for this October

– Electricity & Energy Minister: Yemen to start constructing first plant for generating nuke electricity by the advent of 2009

– Saleh addresses Yemeni people on 45th Anniversary of 26 September Revolution

President Ali Abdullah Saleh congratulated on Tuesday the Yemeni people on the 45th Anniversary of 26th September Revolution and the 44th Anniversary of 14th October, the weekly newspaper reported in a front page article. “We have called on all political forces for national dialogue on political reforms in order to follow up changes,” the paper quoted Saleh as saying. “Some political forces tried to trigger crises to escape from their internal problems. But people know who are behind sit-ins and demonstrations of retired military and security personnel that created obstacles to the development process and investment in the nation.”

Saleh confirmed that the peaceful transfer of power could not be via protests, describing such acts as “a serious mistake”. He said that the door of dialogue is open for all political forces as the dialogue is the sole means to resolve all problems and crises, affirming the importance of strengthening democracy inside parties.