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October 22 2007

Saturday, October 20
Top Stories

– Prime Minister insists on applying civil service law regarding absence of government employees

– National Museum restores 120 ancient antiquities while Tarathet Statue to return to Yemen after rehabilitation in French Louver Museum

– Court resumes trial of Sana'a Second Terrorist Cell, which includes 15 men and two women

– Security authorities seize more than 27 thousand arm pieces in provincial capitals until last Thursday

– President Saleh directs reclamation of agricultural lands in Hadramout Valley

The director of Agriculture and Irrigation Office in Hadramout valley said that HE President Saleh has directed to redress the agricultural lands at a total cost of YR 400 million and to then distribute them to the youth and the unemployed graduates, the army's website reported. It went on to say that the engineer, Omar Karamah told that Hadramout valley has a broad area suitable for the cultivation estimated by (71.4) thousand hectares, of which (18) thousand hectares are irrigated by wells and about (25) thousand hectares receive rainwater, whereas the estimated agricultural area rounded (45) thousand hectares.

According the website, Karamah affirmed that the office has instructions from HE President of the Republic to develop Hadramout valley in the agricultural sphere through implementing a number of projects, including expansion in the cultivation of wheat, development and improvement of livestock and building a national veterinarian center for a cost of YR 100 million.The Director of Agriculture and Irrigation Office in Hadramout valley said that the office had set up a strategic plan for the agricultural sector inspired by Hadramout province's strategy, which is aimed at increasing agricultural and livestock production.