26_September [Archives:2007/1100/Press Review]

November 5 2007

Thursday, November 1
Top Stories

– President Saleh inaugurates service and industrial projects in Aden, Lahj at a cost of YR 23.5 billion

– Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council to hold meeting on November 13

– Military servants get their increase of new wage strategy's second phase with October's salary

– Government stay in full alert to deal with any hurricane to erupt in Al-Mahrah province

– USAID praises President Saleh's initiative

The head of the delegation of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Sui Nelson praised, during her meeting with the undersecretary of youth and sports minister Muammer al-Eryani on Tuesday, the president's initiative including the allocation of 15 percent of the Parliament and Shoura councils' seats for women, the army's organ reported. It added that Al-Eryani briefed the delegation on the role of the CSOs in areas of development and democracy, pointing out that the government gave organizations a lot of opportunities to participate in social, cultural and economic development. He also commended the USAID's efforts to enhance the organizations' role in the country.

He touched on the president's last initiative that aims at improving the political system in the country, which asserted the importance of involving all CSOs in the processes of development and reforms. Nelson, who visits Yemen currently to evaluate the CSOs' role in improving institutional work and political reforms in Yemen, lauded the role they play in the political reform process here, as well as their support for women and youth, pointing out to the unique democratic experience in Yemen.