26_September [Archives:2007/1104/Press Review]

November 19 2007

Thursday, November 15

Top Stories

-Government meets with GPC General Secretariat in Aden

-President Saleh gives orders to resolve situations of Yemeni students in Egypt

-Yemeni Consul to U.S. and Lawyer Mohammed Allaw visit Sheikh Al-Moayyad and Zayed in a Colorado jail

-Authorities seize up to 40 thousand arm pieces until now

-21 Arab and foreign ambassadors to Yemen to present their credentials on Nov. 25

-Saudi Arabia denies border problems with Yemen

The Saudi Interior Minister prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz has denied that there are border problems between Yemeni and Saudi governments, the weekly reported. “The issue of Yemeni Saudi borders is over and we agreed on every thing” prince Naif stated in a press conference held here after a meeting with Minister of Interior Rashad Al-Alimi on mutual security cooperation.

Naif said that the Kingdom is working on reinforcing its border security with the adjacent countries, which are acquainted with all steps taken in this regard. Speaking on sneaking through joint borders, the Saudi prince said that both countries suffer from such phenomenon and concerned bodies in Yemen as well as in Saudi Arabia fight it strongly, adding that the two countries' efforts began producing the desired results.