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December 10 2007

Thursday, December 6
Top Stories

– 13 political parties need dialogue to focus on presidential system and local governance

– Government distributes 38 fishing boats to Aden's societies

– Cabinet nominates three persons for seats at Supreme Tender Committee

– Ministry of Culture organizes external cultural weeks in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Spain

– Discussions between Yemeni and Saudi border guards reach fruitful results

– Draft constitutional amendments will be ready after Eid, says GPC leader

Assistant Secretary General of the General People's Congress (GPC) Sultan Al-Barakani confirmed Wednesday that the committee entrusted with drafting the constitutional amendments would finish its work in the next days, saying “the draft will be ready in its final form after the Eid Al-Adha vacation,” the army's organ reported. Al-Barakani added there is some ambiguity regarding the presidential system as it has come as a general proposal within the project. He said,” The presidential system that will be adopted aims to activate a full separation between the authorities. The president of the republic will be head of the government while the legislative authority will undertake the responsibility of legislations, taking into consideration that the government, in case of adopting the absolute presidential system, will have the pure executive task and will have no relationship with legislation.”

At a GPC leaderships' meeting, Al-Barakani said “The parliament and the shoura council would undertake the responsibility of legislations, mainly the parliament. All the members of Parliament will have the right to present draft laws proposals while the so-called People's Council will be in charge of approving agreements and pacts. He pointed out it is important for the amendments to include details on the transfer of power from the president of the republic to his successor, and that is not stipulated in the present constitution.

Regarding the approval of candidates for the presidency Al-Barakani mentioned that the draft would define amendments will define the nature and method of candidate approval and its percentage, and whether to will be made by the parliament or the local councils. He added the draft amendments will be submitted to the GPC bodies for any suggestions and remarks before being finally approved.

The Assistant Secretary General reviewed what concerns the subject of the local rule saying “The local rule has become the ideal style for offering services to the citizens in most countries of the world and Yemen is not an exception,” but he stressed that the subject of the local rule would be related to financial and administrative decentralization and as for the political decentralization he said it s absolutely unthinkable because Yemen is a united country and has a central authority that would undertake managing all that is related to the state.