26_September [Archives:2008/1122/Press Review]

January 21 2008

January 16
Top Stories

-General People Congress expands activities to protect national unity, foster development

-Security authorities collect over 70 thousand arm pieces over five months

-Negotiations with Gulf and Arab companies to implement projects in Yemen

-Yemen holds deliberations with Netherlands to discuss future support

-People injured at Aden rally will receive treatment at state's expense, say official sources

-President Saleh condemns Israeli assaults against Gazza

The Yemeni Army's organ reported in a front page story that President Ali Abdullah Saleh received a phone call on Tuesday evening, from Ismail Haniya in which he informed him of the latest development in Gaza after the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

The weekly added that during the conversation, President Saleh condemned the Israeli aggression and barbaric acts against the Palestinian people in Gaza strip, confirming that the practical reaction of the Palestinians can strengthen their unity within dialogue, overcome the domestic disputes and achieve reconciliation between the Palestinians, especially between Fateh and Hamas movements.

According to the weekly, the Yemeni leader pointed out that Yemen would continue to exert efforts with Arab League, United States, European Union, and International community for the sake of putting more pressure on Israel to stop its irresponsible attacks on the Palestinian civilians.