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April 21 2008

Thursday, April 17
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– GPC leader: governor election is a courageous democratic decision, JMP irresponsible actions don't concern GPC

– Yemen Coast Guards hold Pakistani ship loaded with ten tons of Hashish

– Yemeni baby born with his hear on the right side

– Parliament approves local authority law amendments

Yemeni parliament approved on Wednesday with majority amendments of some articles of the local authority law concerning election of governors, the website reported, adding that MPs ceased amending the phrase that the government asked on Tuesday to be debated again on Wednesday. The phrase stipulates the candidate to the post of governor should be registered in the voter register of the governorate where he will run for president.

According to the website, Parliament voted with majority on the text as presented by the government, stipulating that the candidate must be resident in the governorate or his work place is there or it is the place of residency of his family. Minister of Local Administration Abdulqader Hillal and Minister of Legal Affairs Rashad Al Rasas have attended the session.

MPs amended one of the conditions required from the candidate for the governor post so that to be read as “he must have an experience no less than ten years after his university degree.” Parliament cancelled the condition for adopting nomination under recommendation of any political party or organization in the name of the party's leader or its secretary general and approved to retain the remaining text of the phrase as it is.