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May 12 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008
Top Stories

– Japanese tourists released just hours following their abduction

– World Bank team due to visit Sana'a to assess development plans

– Saleh congratulates his Russian counterpart for assuming top political post in his country

– Thunderbolts kill two in Hajja, wound three in Raima

– EC launches Natalie Prize for Press Freedom in Yemen

European Commission (EC) inaugurated in Sana'a Wednesday Natalie prize for Press Freedom 2008 in Yemen, the website reported, adding that the European Commission representative in Yemen, Mr. Michele Cervone D'urso said in a press conference that the prize touches the essence of their work in Yemen. He stressed that EC focused more on good governance as an essential condition for promoting development, and work on reducing poverty and strengthening cooperation with Yemen in the areas of human rights and freedom of expression.

He noted that competition for the Natalie prize for Press Freedom is open to all media and the value of prizes reaches to 15,000 euros granted this year to 15 winners from five geographic regions which are Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean Sea region and the Middle East.

EC set a list of conditions for participation in this competition, which included submitting one press article, the subjects should focus on human rights, democracy or development, not more than five pages or 10,000 characters with the spaces, and must be written in one of the official languages of the EU countries (English, French, Spanish). It assigned June 30 this year as a deadline for receipt of competitors' articles.

D'uro recently visited a school in Kuwait where she was surprised by the students' questions and took it as proof of a pressing desire to know more about the European culture. This week also will include an EU cooking demonstration giving seven different dishes of seven countries.