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May 19 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Top Stories

– Politicians: governor election is courageous step toward enhancing democracy and popular participation

– President Saleh to give address before new batch of graduates from military academies

– Republican decrees promote hard working officers in the army

– Sa'ada gubernatorial candidate: resolving sedition consequences and improving human development top our priorities

“In case I win in this election, I will give top priority to resolving consequences of sedition and fighting and boosting human development in the war-affected governorate that is suffering dire situations and vandalistic acts caused by irresponsible rebels in many of its districts,” the website quoted Sa'ada gubernatorial candidate from GPC Sheikh Hassan Manaa as saying.

According to the website, Manaa added in a statement that he has a complete program, which is part of the GPC Platform made by President Ali Abdullah Saleh ahead of 2006 elections that gave the veteran president another seven-year mandate. The gubernatorial candidate highlighted that Saleh's platform gives top priority to establishing service projects and improving road network in the fighting-affected governorate.

Manaa promised that in conjunction with the governorate's local council, he will work on reconstructing the damaged villages and areas, tackling issues of displaced families that evacuated their homes to escape the fighting, and encouraging farmers and granting them loans to foster production.

The ruling party candidate further continued that if elected, he will address issues of idle youth and create more job opportunities for them in the public or private sector. “In cooperation with local councilors, I will pay close attention to saving youth from harmful and extremist beliefs and ideologies,” Manaa concluded.