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May 9 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Top Stories

– President Saleh praises role of military and security institutions in maintaining security and stability nationwide

– Opposition parties not committed to Agreement of Principles they signed with ruling party

– World Food Program urges Yemeni government to control soaring food prices

– Al-Houthi promised to help us travel to the U.S. if we support him, say young rebels

The rebels who have surrendered themselves in to the Yemeni authorities in the district of Bani Husheish claimed that loyalists of Abdulmalik Al-Houthi told them they can travel to the US if they fight the government forces, the Yemeni army's organ reported in a front page story.

The Saba-run alsiysiah newspaper quoted those who surrendered themselves as saying they were also informed they would enter paradise if they were killed.

According to the weekly, those who surrendered said that Houthi loyalists came to them while chewing Qat and distributed publications and CDs inciting a rebellion against the government.

They said many of the rebels who fought the troops were youths who dropped out of school and their posts after the Houthi loyalists incited them against the government.

While being in security custodies, these youths, who were backing Houthis in their fight with government troops, have expressed their regret for fighting the forces and called on the rest rebels to hand themselves in.

The government forces have been fighting the rebels in the volatile northern province of Saada for more than four years.

Recently the military operations against the rebels and the loyalists of the rebel leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi have expanded to two more provinces.