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July 14 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Top Stories

– Prime Minister: Government succeeded in stopping rising prices, compared to international hikes

– Women police arrest several Houthi rebels

– Supreme National Anti-Corruption Authority achieved tangible successes within short time period, says Chairman

– NPC ratifies results of Fourth National Population Policy Conference

National Population Council (NPC) approved during its meeting on Wednesday the executive plan for the outcomes of the Fourth National Population Policy Conference (NPPC) for 2008 – 2010, the website reported on its lead story.

It added that the meeting, headed by Premier Ali Mujawar, who is also Chair of the NPC, reviewed the plan's activities that will directly intervene to achieve the national goals for population at the various levels with more emphasis on the necessary factors to control Yemen's rapid population growth rate, as well as create a desirable balance between development resources and population growth rate.

According to the website, the plan concentrates on widening the coverage of the reproductive health services, reinforcing the partnership among the state's bodies, civil society organizations and private sector in this regard, and rising public awareness about various population-related issues.

The council approved the executive plan of the national strategy for information, enlightenment and population contact until 2010 with the aim of increasing awareness and enhancing the related bodies' activities in order to accomplish goals of the national policy of population in order to produce good indicators about population status.

The council also emphasized that each relevant body must include the plan within its annual budget. It agreed on convening the annual meeting of National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) and the International Conference on Population and Development in Yemen in 2009.