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July 21 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Top Stories

-Yemen's external loans are within safe limits, says Governor of Central Bank of Yemen

-Shoura Council discusses constitutional amendments proposal

-Saleh conducts scrutiny visit to Dhamar

President Saleh paid on Tuesday a scrutiny visit to Dhamar governorate where he was received local councilors and executive offices' staff in the governorate, the website reported. During his visit, president Saleh listened to issues of the citizens and work process in several development projects in the governorate.

According to the website, Saleh also addressed the soldiers, officers and students, that the security and defense institution is the possession of all Yemeni people, stressing the necessity of establishing modern training programs to qualify individuals of personnel of this institution.

He said that the leadership has offered all capacities to help police do their tasks in well manner and professionally, highlighting achievements as a result of security deployment and

combating terror and crime.

President Saleh said that military and security forces would stand against elements who try to undermine stability and security of the nation and enemies of revolution and unification who call for imamate and regionalism are two faces for same coin. He also described them as mercenaries working to damage stability and security of the nation.

Then, he visited the camp of 30th brigade of republican guards where he highlighted victories of military and security forces against rebels in some Sa'ada areas.