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July 28 2008

Thursday, 24, 2008
Top Stories

– Ruling General People Congress, National Opposition Council and Baath party to sign document of national democratic coalition

– Supreme National Anti-Corruption Authority calls for effective partnership with civil society organizations

– Cabinet approves efforts to foster structure of Socotra Archipelago

– Cabinet forms ministerial committee to tour Sa'ada

The Cabinet on Tuesday formed a committee from the various ministries, headed by Minister of Local Administration Abdul-Qader Helal, to pay a field visit to the affected areas in the province of Sa'dah, the army's website reported in its lead story.

During its regular meeting, the Cabinet, under Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Mujawar, highly praised the responsible and national decision of taken by President Ali Abdullah Saleh to end the war in some areas of Sa'dah directorates, adding it reflects the serious national and humanitarian efforts to cease bloodshed.

According to the website, the Cabinet considered the decision as a way to bring back security and peace to those areas and enable displaced people return to their homes, as well as accelerate resumption of the development process for the Province at all levels and in various fields.

The website also reported that Cabinet members commended the heroic role of the armed and security forces and citizens in dealing with terrorist elements to exterminated rebellion, which targets the security and stability of homeland, re-wheels history backwards and hindered progress of development activities in the fighting-ravaged governorate.