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August 18 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Top Stories

– Shabwa security authorities release kidnapped Algerian expert

– Saleh briefs Emir Sultan on terrorist plot targeting Yemen and Saudi Arabia

– President Saleh receives Shoura Council Report on Constitutional Amendments

President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Tuesday a report from the Shoura Council (SC) on the outcomes of the discussions on the draft constitutional amendments, which Saleh has referred to the SC for more consultations, the website reported.

During his meeting with the chairman and members of the SC, Saleh lauded the council's efforts in enriching the amendments with several views, affirming that the main goal of this participation is to deepen the democratic and political experience in the country, it added.

It continued that Chairman of SC Abdul Aziz AbdulGhani briefed the President on the report's results, pointing out that the council has held several meetings with local council's members and high-profile persons form several domains.

The report includes the key observations and constructive conclusions on the amendments and their importance to improve the state institutions, enroot the democratic values and widen the base of the political participation.

The reports emphasized the importance of using the new bicameral system of two chambers (Shoura Council and Parliament) and identified the relations between the two councils, as well as the procedures that will enhance local governance.