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November 10 2008

Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008
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– Government to meet with donors to discuss reconstruction of flood-hit areas

Under chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation AbdulKarim Al-Arhabi, the government is expected to hold on Thursday a meeting with the donors to discuss the mobilization of the financial resources for facing the damage caused by the floods in Hadramout, Al-Mahrah and lately in Hodeidah, the website reported in its lead story.

According to the website, Several representatives of international donors and the Gulf donors' funds in Yemen will attend the meeting, Director-general of International Cooperation, Nabil Shaiban told 26 September Net.

The meeting acquired more importance as Shaiban expressed for it will review the survey's results carried out by the United Nations in assessing the urgent humanitarian needs in the flood-prone areas, in addition to discussing the survey's results carried out by the World Bank (WB) with regard to damage caused by the floods on the infrastructures, facilities and housings.

The meeting will assess the size of the general damage and identify the steps to collect the financial resources so as to proceed the reconstruction process in the flood- prone areas, Shaiban added.

On a side note, the website reported that the government reviewed in its cabinet's meeting held on Tuesday transport minister's report on situation of ground, air and marine transport in Yemen.

The cabinet formed a committee of concerned ministers to study the report and inform the cabinet about the outcome reached by efforts to settle difficulties and obstacles facing transport sector in order to improve it.

The report included inclusive analysis to the current situation of transport sector, mechanisms of its work, measures and projects in transport field and obstacles and difficulties facing it as well as future intentions for improving it according inclusive prospective.

The cabinet also approved mechanism suggested by the ministerial committee for distributing wheat assistance provided by the United Arab Emirates to Yemen. The cabinet approved distributing this assistance to all cases affiliated with social care across the country.