2nd Promotional Conference for Oil and Gas Held in June [Archives:2002/04/Local News]

January 21 2002

The General Executive Manager of the Yemeni Company for Oil Refining and the Chairman of the Supreme Preliminary Committee for the 2nd Promotional Conference for Oil and Gas, Eng. Mosaed al-Sabbari pointed out that the conference was to be postponed until June. The decision was made in view of allowing more investors and companies to participate in the conference. He said the conference aimed at familiarizing oil investors with exploratory sectors in the petrochemistry, oil refineries and marketing natural gas. He added the conference was considered to be of great international significance.
The considerable increase in the number of new oil sectors for the sedimentary and submerged deposits, has been a result of the success of the first conference, he added.
He further expected that more investors would invest their capitals in Yemen after holding the conference.