3 killed, 22 injured the night of 15th anniversary [Archives:2005/845/Local News]

May 26 2005

The city of Taiz witnessed on the night of the 15th anniversary of Yemen's Re-unification the illumination of fire cracks in the sky, particularly in the historic fortress of Qahera.

Locals in different zones in Taiz opened fire to the sky and the falling bullets left 13 people injured who are now being hospitalized.

Women and children realized the risk when they walked up to floors of their houses to watch the shooting of fire in the sky from different places.

The aimless shooting to the air on occasions or other days causes tragic incidents among innocent people.

On the other hand, 3 people were killed and another 9 wounded at the same night in Khoor Maksar, Aden, because of shooting of fire in the sky to mark the 15th anniversary of Ymen's National Day.

Official sources told the Yemen Times that Saleh Mansoor, 17, Laith Hussein Thabit, 20, and Mohannad Othman, a child at the age of two, all lost their lives due to the shooting of fire in the air.

Relatives of the victims have shown grievance and concern over random planning of such activities, specifically as the security authorities in the city of Aden never made any precautionary measures in such events to save lives of people.

It is worth mentioning that a Chinese company has recently exported around 15 containers that arrived at Aden Port loaded with fire cracks for people to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Yemen's National Day.