#3 of a series Career Women Dealing with the Public [Archives:1999/19/Reportage]

May 10 1999

Name : Baida’a
Job Title : Doctor.
Women in Yemen are gaining a very wide influence in the society, and many of them face different obstacles during their duty. However, as a doctor I don’t face any obstacles in my work. On the contrary, I am getting appreciation and help from my society and the people surrounding me.
Concerning my salary, me and my husband share in adopting our house expenses, part of which goes to the house rent and my daughter’s nursemaid.
Its obvious that I face obstacles in my job and duties at home because I have a young daughter, but because of my love of my job, I could not do anything but sacrifice, which I hope to some day benefit from.
Finally, I have worked as a Doctor for the past ten years because I have no other options than this field.
Name: Ashfaq Hamood Noman
Job Title: Teacher
I am very happy to be a teacher of a generation, but being a teacher I face many problems. It is my opinion that schools and teachers are getting very small allocations in Yemen. Frankly speaking, schools come at the bottom of every official agenda.
The obstacles that I face as a teacher in the class is the age of the small children who are too young to work. In addition to that, parents don’t pay attention and follow their children’s progress at home, which is a major obstacle, plus the insufficient number of schools, which leads to crowded classes and reduces the students’ and teacher’s capacity to concentrate.
My society appreciates and benefits from my participation as a teacher and from the successful generation I am helping to bring up.
Concerning my small salary, which does not fulfill any of my needs, I spend it on my home, helping my husband and covering some personal expenses.
During the period in which I have been working as a teacher I would like to thank God that I am able to manage between my job and house duties, it would not have happened if it was not for my husband’s contribution and encouragement.
I have been working in the school for the past ten years and I will proceed with my job as long as I can.
Name : Ahlam Alsaiad
Job Title : Government Employee
Every one faces lots of things if he/she has just stepped out of the house. In my case, I face obstacles and at the same time amusement. Facing problems doesn’t mean that we should stop working and sit at home. Working makes the woman realize her importance to the society. As they say that every problem has a solution, if woman think that by staying at home she can avoid many things, she is wrong. This is poor thinking, because woman have to go out and face what other women face and only by contact with other people can she can benefit and learn lots of things about life.
Employed women are highly appreciated in our society.
I hope that our society can benefit from our participation and encourage us.
My salary is too small and barely covers the basic needs of life. I participate in helping my husband cover our house expenses like paying the rent and meeting my children’s needs.
Being a housewife I face lots of obstacles. I have many responsibilities, in the house and at work, and I have to manage between both duties in a balanced way, which requires a great effort from me. Now, I am getting used to the practical life and that helps me in growing wiser too. I have been working for the ministry of health for the past ten years.
By : Ahlam Alkhawlani
Yemen Times