700 female students expelledParents appeal to the Capital Secretary [Archives:2003/671/Local News]

September 25 2003

Sana'a, September 23 – Parents of more than 700 high school female students gathered on Sunday at Bint al-Harith School in al-Qadesia district in Sanaa to protest the expulsion of their daughters from the school.
The parents said the Capital Secretary Mr. Ahmed al-Kuhlani, was behind the expulsion which they claim was unjustified.
Some parents pleaded to have the girls return as they do not have any other alternative especially as other public schools are far away from the area. Some have even said they would eventually have to prevent their daughters from continuing their education if they are not taken back to school.
However, the school administration said that the Bint Al-Harith School has 17 classes besides offices and laboratories that can indeed contain the 700 expelled students.
“At least for the sake of the 26 September anniversary coinciding this week, let our students go back to school.” one mother pleaded to al-Kuhlani. “After all, didn't our revolution come to end illiteracy, why are we being dragged to it again?” she asked.