8 years of combating revenge, violence and misuse of arms [Archives:2004/746/Local News]

June 14 2004

Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Dar Al-Sallam (House of Peace) Organization organize, during the period 9-14 June, a cultural carnival under the slogan, “Culture and awareness are important tools toward globalization of human rights and a society free of revenge and violence”.
The activities of the carnival included a 1500-photo exhibition to display the efforts of the organization in the field of combating revenge, violence, misuse of weapons, and deepening the culture of forgiveness and peace during eight years of fieldwork.
Several academics, actors, and directors of plays targeting the treatment of these phenomena were also honored.
Minister of Culture and Tourism, the British Ambassador and other Ambassadors who attended the opening ceremony expressed their admiration for the efforts of the organization and described it as the first step toward the comprehensive development of Yemen.