A. A Al-jabry [email protected] [Archives:2003/645/Letters to the Editor]

June 26 2003

Education & health: the priority
If there are only two things that any government should take into consideration very well today, then they would be education and health. The standard of education is very poor because of poor supervision in Yemen, so is that of health.
Every other year, hundreds of teachers graduate from our colleges. On the other hand, you hear about teachers who do not attend classes and lack qualifications so often.
As for health, we simply can never afford to put our health service in privets hands because everybody becomes sick, including the poor. I don't mind the small clinics that the doctors work in, but the big private hospitals are dangerous. The government should be able to give all citizens medical service for free or at least an affordable amount.
For the sake of an educated and healthy tomorrow in Yemen, we should work together to upgrade the standards of these two important sectors.