A big lie called the Shiite project [Archives:2007/1028/Opinion]

February 26 2007

Ali Ahmed Al-Hadhiri
It is obvious that the American Administration's strategy in the region has taken a new dimension after Bush and his administration reached a dead in the control over the region and most of its oil reservoir as well as re-arrangement of the new map of the area.

That was not by virtue of the Arab governments or because of what they possess of projects and agendas. The Arab governments are illegitimate and devoid of political and economic projects because they are an instrument satellite to western administration under which Arab rulers feel safe about retaining their power seats to bequeath them to their sons.

The American administration failed to have a sway on Iraq and execute its project because of its policy in dealing with components of the Iraqi people with whom it did not deal well and was not sincere about its declared project of (democracy and human rights). Many power centers in the world have benefited from these mistakes of the American administration and no doubt they would be among the affected badly out of America'[s domination over the region and its oil. also the Iranian republic will be afflicted of that control for it sees it will be the biggest of those damaged from the American sway.

European and Asian interests on the one hand and Iran on the other have formed an effective force against the American project in the region and the American administration found out itself, after years of the war and direct presence, unable to go ahead and that it is not the only power in the world. There are other countries having their interests and there is an Iranian project possessing a strategy and wants to have its role in the region. Also, the victory of Hezbollah in Lebanon over Israel is a categorical evidence of the Iranian project.

At this point the American administration has seen it is in need of changing its plans and to go back to its agents in the region so that to play the direct role instead of they have fought instead of America and implemented all the British, American and Israeli and the west intelligence plans in general over decades of time.

The Arab governments have managed the war instead of the west against their peoples and against the nationalist tide and the communist bugbear inside the Arab homeland and Afghanistan and Chechnya as well as the Iranian revolution, Kashmir and in everywhere it is wanted from them. At the end of these wars and supplying them from rights of these peoples and rather from their blood, and especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union which was the major supporter for liberation movement in the world especially the Arab peoples, the Arab money played the bigger role in that collapse. All of a sudden the Arab Muslim fighter found himself facing the charge of terror and he has to be killed or imprisoned in Guantanamo or prisons of the Arab governments. He also found himself the implementer under the threat of the American gallows, after he has been beaten and imprisoned, he and his people, his palaces were searched and destroyed his weapons by himself and even his teeth have been examined.

As for the agents they found themselves wanted by the Americans to pay what remains f their assets and money they have stolen from their peoples and deposited at the American banks and are rather threatened regarding their seats and partition of their states. They are forced to implement the worst and meanest roles that are dictated on them. Because the Arab street does not think by its mind that has been frozen intentionally and because the agents of war are not able to carry out what the American administration asks them to do at present due to popularity of Hezbollah and the state of Iran in the Arab street on the background of its stand towards Israel and America the American outlet must find a drama motivating the Arab citizen's unsound feelings and ideas in order to give the agents of war the justification and the people's, religious and sectarian support. Thus was the timing of Saddam hanging on the first day of Al-Adha Eid and what accompanied it of silly direction that forced the Iraqis to carry out to convince the Arab street (the Sunnis) that the act is a rancorous Safavite Shiite.

For more emphasis they prepared the cut of the head of Saddam's half brother during his execution. Those irrational measures are promoted by American administration and its tools in the region with all its sectarian and subservient sayings in order to create commotion, fighting and destruction of everything in the region under a slogan of confronting a lie called the Shiite project that threatens the Arabs and Muslims or more correctly the American-Zionist director to which one of the architects of the American policy pointed by saying that the solution most suitable in the region is the sectarian fighting between the Arabs and Muslims.

The interest of the Iranian republic in the issue of Palestine is not fabricated or new but it is an interest pertaining to the nature of the Iranian revolution that triumphed over the Shah, the strategic ally of America and Israel against the Arabs and the Muslims. The Arabs were supposed to have benefited from that change in Iran. But instead of that they faced Iran, the revolution and the republic with eight years war and they try at present to regretfully continue he war under the name of the Iranian Persian danger.

The Arabs here are not facing the Iranian project with an Arab project but are merely instruments in the hands of the Americans and against the interests of the Arabs. This is how the title of the upcoming illusionary battle and its goals are revealed.

Source: www.aleshteraki.net