Arab armies changed into special guards to protect leaders [Archives:2009/1228/Opinion]

January 26 2009

Moneer Al-Mawri
My father, who is currently residing in the American State of Michigan, narrated to me that he left Yemen in the 1940s and he used to move freely between Egypt and Palestine as there was no barriers or closed crossings to prevent people from traveling. The First Arab-Israeli War broke out in 1948, following foundation of the State of Israel while my father was in Al-Quds.

My father was among those who migrated to Jordan and then he moved to Kuwait before migrating to the U.S.A. in 1975. He acknowledged that imbalance in force is the direct reason behind defeat of Arabs, and this information contradicts what we read in schoolbooks that seven Arab armies from Yemen, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon engaged in the war against the Haganah bands.

During our reading of schoolbooks, we believed that the seven armies outnumbered those bands while outdate weapons, not corrupt regimes, are the mean reason behind failure of Arab armies.

Sixty years have passed since the calamity. Now, fighting is taking place in a small area called “Gazza” where the Israeli fighter jets throw their heavy loads of destructive weapons on innocent women and children while the Egyptian plans, on the other hand, still are confined by Camp David Treaty.

The Yemeni aircrafts are still tired after hitting Sa'ada and are preparing to strike rebels in the southern governorate of Abyan.

The Saudi aircrafts changed into “a red crescent” to treat the wounded while Fleet of Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal is enough to do the job against Zionists in Gazza and leave other military fleets to do other tasks.

There is also the fleet of Syrian fighter jets, which is still waiting to reach strategic balance before it takes off while thousands of Lebanese missiles that reach beyond Haifa didn't react to the tragedy suffered by Gazza citizens, and the Jordanian Arab Army considers the West Bank, not Gazza, its sole battleground. There is also the fleet of Iraqi fighters that escaped to Iran during the Kuwait Liberation War.

The standing imbalance between the Arab and Israel forces surprises us since the Arabs number 300 million while the Israelis worldwide are even less than .04% of the Arab population. Consequently, we have to question “Where are the Arab armies?” Were they changed into special guards? Surely, the answer is “YES”. The Arab leaders no longer have armies. They only have brigades of guards to protect corrupt regimes.

Arab leaders: real enemies of Gazza

In short, the Arab leaders currently rely on oppressive security institutions, which are seen as an alternative to the national military institution through which they came to power. They also rely on armies of special guards.

Palestine in their eyes is nothing more than a televised program or charitable societies for exaggeration at the expense of their brothers who are subjected to the cruelest strikes by the most sophisticated and destructive types of weapons.

The innocent people of Gazza doesn't battle with the Israeli army only, as they are also confronting with more dangerous enemies. Who are these enemies? They are the Arab leaders, who never feel ashamed of being traitors with the new occupation. They don't care about their suffering brothers in Gazza.

They stay in luxurious rooms in the Gulf states and never stop instigating people of Gazza to be adventurous in confronting an Israeli army, equipped with the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

The Palestinian Cause has turned out to be an issue for ill-spirited people, most notably the corrupt Palestinian political leadership and the Arab leaders, who are even more corrupt, to make interest on.

It is a shame on the Arab leaders to behave this way and show unexpected positions about what happens in Gazza.