A black stage in Arab history [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Abdullah Al-Wazeer
[email protected]

Being far away, I look at my Arabic world with great agony. I watch my Arabic world in disbelief, and what is worse, hearing what the Western world views us Arabs is further disheartening.
How did we Arabs get to this dreaded stage? I doubt many can offer coherent explanation without blaming the world or subscribing to conspiracy theories and getting emotional. Hungry empires have played a terrible role, no denying there, but we provided these empires the greatest excuses to ravage us.
The Arab world never fails to point out to its past as if it guarantees a solid lead in the world. We keep calling our long dead heroes to save us from the doomed future. Meanwhile, the world is taking giant leaps towards education, health, and progress.
We are full of misguided intentions and unjustified superiority. For some reason, we Arabs believe that we are better than many in the world such as China for example, neglecting the fact that China is poised to be the next superpower in the world stage. Yet, no ones seem to pay attention or learn how they managed to over come so many hurdles.
Arabs view their leaders as if they have an inherent right to rule, steal and point their sons and family to further steal what is ours. Where did that come from? Islam for sure has nothing to do with that. We have been trained to not question our shackles for that is a foolish quest. We Arabs, have forgotten our rights guaranteed by basic human laws and above all, guaranteed by our religion.
We have neglected Islam's call for genuine education to a point that we only accept what we are told as being the truth. Isn't education based on one's need to find the truth? We have numbed our brains and accepted the least educated as Devin source of wisdom. We have successfully killed our inquisitive minds and substituted it with great appetite to appease morons.
Look at Iraq, the land of ancient civilizations where people now are killed either by their leaders or by foreign powers. But like many things around us Arabs, we will not learn from this or any lessons in our shameful recent history. We will go worshipping our incompetent leaders and complement their devastating leadership and call them saviors. What is even worse is that Arabic leaders start to really believe that they are as bright as they come and why not? Look at the herd of Arabs behind their leaders praising every idiotic move.
There is no solution to the problem but one, education. We should focus on nothing else but to educate ourselves first. We need to learn from our past and true history, and not allow every leader to throw out the former leader's accomplishments without learning from them. We need to know that we have rights, and leaders have a momentarily trust to lead. A Yemeni or an American in Saudi Arabia should be treated the same. If you're from Egypt or Dubai should not make a difference as well, it's what you actually do that matters not your country of origin. So as long as we're not ready to answer hard questions and face certain truths, we will be an easy target for the willing, or their coalition. Educate is my message, at least for now.

Dear Abdullah
You showed very good insight into our tragic plight and this is a trend in Arab opinion that is beginning to show some energy. Needless to say, there is some sacrifice that will also be required to strengthen this trend.
)The Editors