A building of complaints [Archives:2006/1002/Letters to the Editor]

November 27 2006

Mohamed Saeed Bahaj
[email protected]

We have a complaint regarding our building in Mukalla which was handed over to Yemen Economic Corporation without any legal judgment. Therefore, we appeal through your esteemed newspaper to President Ali Abdullah Saleh to compact the corruption with the terms of London Donors Conference and to return our building after the law said its word, but Yemen Economic Corporation does not recognize with the law.

The following is excerpts from the initial complaint published in Al-Ayyam Newspaper in Arabic on Sept. 19, but unfortunately up to date there is no response from the officials:

The inheritances of the late expatriate Saeed Ahmed Bahaj appeal to H.E Ali Abdullah Saleh the President of the Republic to return their nationalized building from the General Corporation for Textiles and Electrical Products before the unification and afterwards hand over to Yemen Economic Corporation in Mukalla, Hadhramout.

We appeal to the president to return our building of our testator, the late Saeed Ahmed Bahaj, from Yemen Economic Corporation whereas this building built during the time of Quaiti State. It was a workshop for assembly British vehicles i.e. Bedford and Land Rover because the late Saeed Ahmed Bahaj was an agent for Mitchell Cotts & Co., Ltd., London in Hadhramout. Then the building nationalized during the socialism regime in the South and controlled by General Corporation for Textiles & Electrical Products for more than 30 years without any rent. Then it was delivered to Yemen Economic Corporation in Mukalla instead of the legal owner.

The court treated us with justice, but YEC rejects the judicial decision.

The inheritances appeal to the president of Republic to issue his instructions to execute the judgments and to return the property.