A call for peace [Archives:2003/648/Letters to the Editor]

July 7 2003

Daniel Prendergast
[email protected]

In the dawn of human awareness of one God over all, the home of Abraham was rift in two. A house is built of human hands. A home is built of love. Which is more sacred, a house or a home? Which is more sacred, peace or war?
The angel stayed the hand of Abraham. It is time for us to stay our own hands and give thanks. God made a promise to Abraham that if he will put his faith in the one God, he will be blessed with descendants more numerous than the stars in the sky. Through the miracle of life, this promise has been met. It is time for a new promise. It is time for the tribes of Abraham to give thanks and praise for this generous gift of life. Now is the time for the children of Abraham to make a new promise to learn to live as brothers and sisters in the common cause of peace and goodwill.
What is more holy? Peace or war? What will meet with the greatest blessing? A holy war or a holy peace? As God has given that which is desirable to Abraham let us give that which is desirable to God.