A Christian fanatic ruling the world [Archives:2004/776/Letters to the Editor]

September 27 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

September 7th 2004, marks the official 1000th death of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. And there were about 7000 wounded U.S. soldiers in the Iraq war. But, the number of total casualties so far is not sufficient to disturb U.S. citizens enough to change leadership in November. The brutal fact is that unless thousands more U.S. soldiers are killed and wounded before November 1st, George Bush will easily defeat John Kerry.
This means that until 2009, Bush will have a mandate from the U.S. public to attack and destroy Syria and Iran just as he did Iraq. Bush's objective is, in his own words “a crusade” to change the entire Moslem world to Christian. Bush is a Christian extremist and, as such, it is his duty to act as a Christian soldier. The best estimates indicate that as a Christian soldier, Bush has killed over 20,000 Moslem women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.
With the destruction of Syria and Iran in the next 4 years, the Christian Bush's total kill of Moslem women and children may reach 50,000. As long as the ratio of U.S. soldiers dead to Moslem women and children dead remain at about 1 to 20, the U.S. public will support the wars. Since it is easier to kill women and children than soldiers, those of you who live in the Middle East will be treated to perhaps 20 years of war from the U.S. There is simply nothing to stop the U.S. except possibly Iranian nuclear weapons and it is doubtful that the Iranians will have them in time. They only have about 10 months.