A Christian’s messages to Muslims [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

David L. Hoffman
Santa Rose, California – USA
[email protected]

I am a Christian living in the US. I am writing to send good will, and offer my sympathy and concern to Muslims all over the world. I admire and respect the holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the sacred Muslim faith. There should be no enmity or barrier between the Christian and Muslim faiths. We serve the same God.
Please do not be misled by ignorant and intolerant statements attacking Islam, made by some supposedly “Christian”” leaders. Religious intolerance is contrary to the will and spirit of God. Both the prophets Muhammad (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) clearly taught this. I believe that the real teaching of both our faiths is that Christians and Muslims should act with goodwill and respect toward each other