A Christian’s perspective: Muslims are our enemies [Archives:2003/640/Letters to the Editor]

June 9 2003

Harold Reimann
[email protected]

Saddam knew he would lose the 2nd round. He knows Arab armies can't fight toe to toe with us. But they do quite well as terrorists. Hope you don't think Saddam is finished. He still has his trump card, the WMDs. I don't think you will find them in Iraq.
You need to understand that all Muslims are our enemies. They have a saying amongst themselves -” First Saturday, Then Sunday.” First the Jews, then the Christians, but I'm sure they must realize that they will never take the Jews as long as the US and UK are around. Don't be surprised to see those WMDs here. They won't defeat us but sure could give us a severe blow.
The Arabs have us over a barrel. When we get hit big time, they will say the radicals did it, not them. So who do we hit? Osama? Saddam? Al-Qaeda? Get the point? Or do we take out more countries like Iran, Syria, Libya, Korea, and Pakistan…? Who protects the homeland with our porous borders? What happens when we are over-extended?
God also has a plan. First the Arabs, then the US and UK. The Beast of Revelation does them in – the German head of Catholic Europe, the King of the North in Daniel. Osama and Saddam are auditioning for King of the South (if they are alive). If they are dead, some other Arab will get the job.
I wonder if the President realizes that there will be no peace until Jesus Christ returns? The Arab problem will remain. The European problem will remain. The Papal problem will remain. The American problem will remain. The only changes will be with some of you.