A Continuation of the Iryani’s Government [Archives:2001/17/Law & Diplomacy]

April 23 2001

By: Hamoud Monassar
In my opinion, the current government is a natural continuation of the previous government of Dr. Al-Iryani, because they share the same ideology of the GPC and its programs.
What people conceived as a radical change was no more than a mild change of old experiences with new faces which are bound by the program of the GPC. It would be encouraging if there is was a strong will and a commitment to accomplish specific goals. But if the government puts its hands blindly over all issues without focusing on specific priorities, I think history will repeat itself. The only difference will be that the government trees moved from the Autumn of Al-Iryani to the Spring of Bajammal. And someday the spring will reach the deadend marking the fall of the government of Bajammal.