A German and an American Injured  in a Traffic Accident [Archives:1999/44/Local News]

November 1 1999

On Thursday morning around 11:00, an American, David Sklar and a German, Susan Havez Da who were driving to Ibb on a motorcycle rammed into a Hilux vehicle coming from the opposite direction. They were immediately taken to a hospital in Ibb for treatment. The German embassy has shown a great deal of concern over this incident. According to the report from the traffic authorities, the fault was of the motorcycle driver David who tried to overtake a lorry without taking into consideration the speed and angle of the approaching Hilux. The two were in the intensive care unit of the hospital before being transported to Sanaa to get a better medical treatment in the Kuwait Hospital. Their conditions seem to by fine. 
Ahmed Al-Asbahi, a teacher in Sanaa University said, “David and Suzan were on their way to my home to attend my wedding, which took place on the same night of the accident. I was informed that they were in the hospital one day after the accident. The hospital staff and traffic officers were very helpful and cooperative. They have done a lot to make sure that my friends recover. I hope my friends would recover soon.” The good news is that the two will be out of the hospital soon.