A Lebanese supporting UN resolution [Archives:2004/776/Letters to the Editor]

September 27 2004

Robert Bekhazi
[email protected]

I and very many Lebanese like myself, welcome with great relief the UN Resolution 1559. It is the requirement of members of the UN, of which Lebanon was a founding member, to work to guarantee the sovereignty of fellow nations. The Arabs are certainly proving that they are blind or indifferent to Syria's occupation of Lebanon.
Our nation has suffered under the iron grip of the mafia-like occupation of Syria's Baath Party. It threatens to destroy the very fabric of Lebanon, not to mention the flow of huge numbers of Lebanese who have had enough, out to any nation that will take them.
I declare to the editor of an Arab newspaper indifferent to the plight of Lebanon, please invite all of Syria's occupying troops and secret service agents and a million workers to occupy your country, then you can see what it's like.