A Letter to the Minister of Interior [Archives:2001/47/Local News]

November 19 2001

I was totally shocked at seeing a Lieutenant Colonel, named Mutaher al-Shweibi, said to be the Director of the 8th Security District, dealing dozens of blows and kicks to fruiterers in Beinon Street, al-Asbahi City last Wednesday.
Stopping to watch what the man and his followers were doing, neither me nor my car were away from his kicks and vulgar words that I could not believe were uttered by an educated police man.
It is disgusting to see such brutal acts against peaceful men in a country that claims to be protecting and respecting human rights and dignity. Such behavior does not agree with human values and civilized norms.
Strangely, the policeman claimed to be doing his ‘dirty’ job to persuade people to keep the city clean.
Since this behavior represents the Minister of Interior, we urge upon the Minister of Interior, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, to save people from similar savage actions and to hold accountable the above mentioned policeman and his followers for what they did.

Mohammed Sallam al-Asbahi