A letter to the people of Iraq [Archives:2007/1051/Letters to the Editor]

May 17 2007

Shafika Al-Gumaee
Dear Iraqi people

I love you with all of my heart, and I wish you the best future with a safe start. My emotion is with you every second as well as the Arab nation. On behaf of those like me, I wish not one drop of blood comes off any one of you. Each and every one of you is precious, beloved, and creative, you are the builders of each stone in Iraq. I want to see you start rebuild your country, “Iraq al ariq”, in history and in our hearts. Try forgiveness, hope, and love. Try discussion, and debate.

Enough is to your bloodshed, you need time to mend your injure, and wounds. Please start the recovery of your soul and your adored country. You need the time for Iraq. Enough what has being lost of history, books and artifacts. Reserve your energy to secure Iraq over again. Many, if not all, of the Arab nations are not pleased with their governors, but all need to work hard to make the best of it. I would like to see the day when the Arab nations are self-governing.

Many, like me, admire the Iraqis' intellectuality, hard worker, and pride. I belief that men and women of Iraq will rebuild it soon and even better than it has been ever before. It is urgent to think of your brothers and sisters who are running for their lives, homeless in the wilderness today, more than 2 millions left their dignified homes. Think of the builders of the nation, the scientists and the educated men and women of Iraq. Think of Iraq, think of Palestine and Lebanon. You cannot have more damage. Think of Yemen, it was so hard for brothers and sisters to be in two parts, until the people determined to unify themselves in one country.

It's enough, let us start the peace. You are the people of Iraq; you are the nation of Babel; the best come with your great courage. New is new, tomorrow you can start a new. You know better than any one offering recommendations, and you will do what is right for all of you. I send you this for I think of you, your pain, and suffering. As many people are thinking of you and your wellbeing, I want you to know that may my heart is completely with you and with Iraq.

Thank you.