A message to Arab leaders [Archives:2004/741/Letters to the Editor]

May 27 2004

Abdirazak Caynaan
[email protected]

I have felt disappoint at what is going on in Iraq and Palestine when I watched the tragic and horrible incident that happened in Fallujah and abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Guraib prison. I felt like bursting into tears; not only tears but blood as well. Where are the leaders of Arabs? What does it mean Arab and Muslim leaders since our victim brothers of Iraq and Palestine are being slaughtered, hammered, assassinated and killed by an American and Israeli F-16 ,18 mortar and machine-guns, artillery? What does it mean to Arab leaders if we do not prevent an American aggression and killing a of single Iraqi citizen and also to prevent Sharon's assassination policy destruction of houses of Palestinian people? You as Arab leaders are entirely responsible what is going on in Iraq and Palestine. Do not blame Bush or Sharon because they are serving Americans and Israelis and acting in every single case for the sake of American and Israeli interests.
I wonder when Arab leaders' words are going to be fulfilled and hence I would like to send a severe message to the Arab Summit that is going to take place in the third week of this month:
” If you will not present a common conception or even be taking severe decisions on the current tension you had better to stay far from the summit, otherwise it is going to be a tiresome waste, senseless and ineffective. I am not exaggerating to say that but it touched this too deeply and also this made me angry and sad. Now it is time to be taking action, not talking because Arab people are too eager to see their leaders act and not only to hold summits that bring negative consequences. However, we shall keep in mind how Arab Summits effect and solve the current crisis and finally to be different from the previous ones.