A message to President Saleh [Archives:2004/758/Letters to the Editor]

July 26 2004

Mohammed K.
[email protected]

My name is Mohammed, I'm a Yemeni living in Europe. I work in the fish export business and want to give a message to the president of your country.
I have spoken to his office by phone with some of his people and also send a fax to which nobody replied.
It is about the fishing zone of Yemen. All the countries of the world have their own fishing zones where nobody can fish without permission from the respective government.
As I speak, many fish are no longer there because of over-fishing, especially by European companies that come to poor countries, to drain their fish stocks empty and then laugh in their faces.
If Yemen, Oman, Somalia and all the other countries don't ban those fishing ships from Europe, Korea and other countries, all the fish will be gone soon.
Every country has its own domestic stock and season in its economic zone but sometime it sells its fishing zone for peanuts. We have to protect our fishing zone's or else, in time, there will be no more fish to fish.
I hope that the message will reach our president directly and personally. I wish he realizes that this is no joke, but it is a serious issue. Unfortunately, some ministers are corrupt and only fill their pocket with “black money” and care little about the country and its fish wealth.