A message to the Capital Secretary [Archives:2004/781/Letters to the Editor]

October 14 2004

Abdulrahman Alshmaa
Faculty of commerce & trade
Sanaa University
[email protected]

I would like to talk honestly about our problem at the office of education in the capital. We – about six persons – have worked in the office for five years without a salary. We were hoping that our problems would be resolved when teacher Yahya Almakhdi was appointed as the general manager of the office, not because he is from my countryside as my colleague says, but because he is known to have a professional background with a tendency to be fair.
We talked to him about our problems and he kindly instructed the manager of personnel in charge to employ us. Unfortunately, his orders were merely ink on paper, because the manager of personnel decided that there should be a committee to identify the candidates who are qualified to work in the proposed posts. However, we were excluded, and regular secondary high school graduates were appointed instead, possibly because they had connections.
My colleague and I hoped that our work would be appreciated, and that we would be appointed formally, but to no avail. I hope you publish this letter so that at least those concerned could read it, and seek a solution to our issue and serve us justice.