A mission to Mars [Archives:2006/984/Letters to the Editor]

September 25 2006

Olivier Magis
[email protected]

I am writing you from Brussels, capital of Belgium. I am a 28 years old Belgian film director and. I am going to write a new film script. I am strongly looking for 3 Yemenis people called Adam Ismail, Mustafa Khalil and Abdullah al-Umari.

In 1997, these three people went to a courtyard in Sanaa to urgently ask the end of the NASA operations on planet Mars, claiming that the planet was their property.

Because I don't speak a word in Arabic, it is very hard for me to find them from here. So could you please tell me any tip or advice for improving my chances to contact them? If any of the Yemen Times readers have information that could be helpful for me in my quest please contact me.