A no-win scenario [Archives:2003/687/Letters to the Editor]

November 20 2003

Sam Deg

Well, it appears that the Bush administration is going to pull an “Iraqification” on us, which means that we pull out as many troops as we can as soon as we can.
Bush looks good for bringing the troops home while back in Iraq, the resistance fighters, who are the sort of people who bomb Red Cross centers, (that's only one step above attacking the Mother Teresa center for cute children and puppies), continue.
So the resistance fighters take over and one of two things happen:
1. They are lead by Saddam Hussein
2. They are independent
If the answer is 1, then we are back where we started, except for having spent billions of dollars, thousands of lives and trashing our international reputation.
If the answer is 2, then we are even worse off than where we started, with Iraq turning into another Afghanistan, a festering center of anti-U.S. Hatred, except in this case it is justifiable.
Ironically, none of these scenarios will lead to getting Iraqi oil, which should make the protesters happy, because instead of trading “Blood for Oil,” we will simply have scattered blood around for the hell of it.