A question about marriage [Archives:2004/769/Letters to the Editor]

September 2 2004

W. Maughan
In response to recent articles about marriage in Yemen, I would like to ask this question. When a girl is forced to marry a boy and they never love each other, and they have one child after another, what is the solution? If the girl would like a divorce, she will loose the children, and have to leave them with her husband, who in turn may not want them and so pass them onto another member of his family to bring up or marry off and pocket any dowry money he makes from his daughters! So does the girl in this type of marriage have any real way out? Now truthfully speaking, you have to be honest about this situation. If you think this can never happen, don't be silly, it has happened already!
Have you got figures on how many are living elsewhere in the world? That would be interesting to know, i.e, how many in France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Sweden, USA etc.?