A question by Yemenis in exile [Archives:2003/662/Letters to the Editor]

August 25 2003

Yassin Y, UK
yasin9999@hotmail .com

The most concerning thing for any Yemeni living abroad is the question: How much longer will it take for change to come in Yemen? I think that it is about time for a change to take place. The ruling party has been in power for more than 30 years, yet nothing has been done. The standard of living has gone from bad to worse, educated and honest Yemenis find it quite tough to continue living in Yemen because they either need to be corrupt or leave the country.
My point is that our country is like a company that went bankrupt. Is it possible to ask His Excellency when he is going to leave office? Or is he going to wait for God's will to decide for him. After all, nothing lives forever. What happened in many other countries may well happen here anytime. Yemenis are known to wake up suddenly after a long trance, and when they do no one can stop them because for them it would be a matter of life or death. Yemenis believe that if they die they should die with dignity and let the history talk about them and allow generations to remember them as Heroes.