A response to two letters [Archives:2005/809/Letters to the Editor]

January 20 2005

Amer Abdullah
United Kingdom
[email protected]

I am saddened by the comment of Mr. Al Jubani and Shami who had posted negative letters to the editor in recent editions.

Firstly I suggest to both of you that you read and explore Yemen and Yemeni's history. Yemenis have for centuries been merchants and seafarers, trading between continents mostly Africa and Asia. Yemen has greatly benefited morally and financially from these distant cultures. Intermarriage was at some stage necessary for those who went and stayed away for a long time to seek fortune, which built Yemen.

I suggest that you enroll into an educational program to enlighten yourself and open your eyes to the reality. I am “muwallad” (a Yemeni whose one of his parents is non-Yemeni) and I am proud of it. I am a professional Yemeni originally from Hadhramout, now living in United Kingdom and have attained prestigious qualifications and have a good career.

Can you learn to refrain from hating your fellow human beings, because you do not have no right to do so. It's the creator's wish that created beings have come to existence.