A sad story from the USA [Archives:2003/673/Letters to the Editor]

October 2 2003

Ms. Catherine Garcia
[email protected]

I was formerly married to a Yemeni citizen that was here in the U.S. as a student. While married to him, I was very fortunate to have traveled to Yemen where his family treated me like royalty, although, I have to admit that when I went through customs it was a very trying time. My passport was taken away from me and I was not able to retrieve it for several weeks. I feared it would not be returned to me. Fortunately, my Father-in-law, Mr. Abdulkarim Al-Faris, (now deceased, may he rest in peace) a government official, was able to help me. I have very warm, good memories of my time in Yemen. Sadly, my ex-husband, abandoned me and our two children when he brought me back to the U.S. There are thousands of abandoned children in the U.S. that were fathered either legitimately or illegitimately by Yemeni men. Shame on them for their actions. I found that while these so called “Muslims” are in their country, they abide by their customs, but while in the U.S., they consume drugs and alcohol. What hypocrites! My ex-husband is a very intelligent and successful businessman, he was even invited to the “White House” by former President Clinton and was recognized by President Ali Abdullah Salah for his excellent contributions to computer science. His current web site elevates his success. Yet he never contributes to support his children here in the U.S. My children rely on me for there entire support.
My question to you is: Does this same problem exist in the Arab world? or in Yemen? Why did this Yemeni abandon his children without any consideration whatsoever to their welfare, yet he lives a very lavish, rich life as is evident in his website.
Finally, on behalf of myself and my children that are half Yemeni, I apologize for the treatment the Yemeni delegation received while entering the United States on September 2, 2003. Please understand that we must be on guard at all times as I'm sure Yemen takes similar precautions.