A suggestion to monitor leather goods [Archives:2005/818/Letters to the Editor]

February 21 2005

Mushtaq Ahmed
[email protected]

During my last visit to Sana'a I found numerous leather shoes, leather garments, leather goods are made out of pig skins. These leather products are might have duly imported from the third countries. The manufacturer uses pig skins in various cut components like shoe uppers, lining, saddles, counter, binding, collar, cuff etc.,

When I enquired, I was given to understand that there no board or authority by the government to monitor these importation. And as such citizen of Yemen wearing these products with pig skins and even go to mosques by wearing pig made products.

In Islamic rules and rites eating of pig mutton is illegal and wearing its skins is prohibited/restricted.

Such being, I suggest the government to form a body to monitor these imports and allow the citizen to wear pig leather free products.