A symposium on election controlElections need transparency [Archives:2003/629/Community]

March 31 2003

Under the motto of “Toward Effective Participation and Neutral Control Electoral Process,” a symposium organized by the Shura Council in cooperation with the National Organization for Election Control (NOEC) on election control was held on Saturday in Sanaa.
A speech was delivered by Mr. Fuad al-Kumaim representing the NOEC in which he emphasized on the need for transparency during the voting and vote counting processes of any free election.
On his part, the Chairman of the Shura Council, Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani gave a statement focusing on the significance of elections in enhancing Yemen's democratic experience and in promoting democratic values among the public.
The symposium aimed at determining notions relative to the election process and enhancing contacts among political parties in order to make the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for the 27th of April a success.
It is worth noting that a number local and international non-governmental organizations alongside international observers will work on monitoring those elections.